About us


About the Company

The FastWay company was created a couple of decades ago, founded by two best friends and the transportation industry professionals Brent and Phil.

The two grew up in the state of Michigan and each began a career in transportation that culminated with the founding of FastWay.

Between them two, Brent and Phil have over 50 years of practical work experience in the trucking industry, being aware of the tiniest smallest nuances, finishing with a deep practical understanding of handling large-scale logistics operations.

And though the company initially started out in a small office where the two of them made up the entire company, now it became one of the leading trucking providers in the area!

When we’re taking a new transportation order, we always make sure to provide both first-class servicing, clean equipment, professional lorry drivers and a professional back-office and sales personnel!

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William Attenborough

William Attenborough

General Manager

William Attenborough is the co-founder of our freight shipping company and has served in many capacities including CEO, Chief Networking Officer, Chief Sales Officer and Director of Wild Ideas…

Nathaniel McBride

Nathaniel McBride

Driver Manager

Nathaniel is the President and Chief Executive Officer, as well as a principal shareholder of the company. He began his career in the transport carrier industry in 1992, working as a sales representative…

Ethel Harrington

Ethel Harrington


Serving as our Chief Financial Officer, Ethel has always been the team member who induces our company’s growth and sales the most. It is thanks to his bol management style, that we’re currently…