About us


About the Company

Ensue was founded in Australia by a group of experienced GPS tracker installers. The lack of reliable GPS tracking hardware including mobile tracking, asset live video streaming, monitoring platforms, feature qualities and elements available in the GPS tracking & asset management industry was brought to their attention, which then inspired the company to be created to make a difference. This is when the EnsueTRAK™ and the EnsueLIVETRAK™ platforms were put together and with the matching hardware it created a system that could be customized according to the client’s solution needs. Enuse provides a full solution from device sales, installation and platform software access to management support. We provide a more detailed mobile device tracking system with two way communication on Android devices. Our EnsueLIVETRAK™ platform provides live view access from a remote asset or vehicle which is also recorded locally in the device. EnsueTRAK™ a stable and powerful platform has been utilized by Ensue to extend its resources to track and monitor people which may be in a high risk of injury, loss of memory or loss of communication like the elderly. We are dedicated in finding a solution for your tracking and asset management needs!

The GPS tracking device or mobile device receives GPS data from the satellite and determines its position. It then sends that data to the EnsueTRAK™ platform through the mobile phone network. The EnsueTRAK™ platform converts the data it receives into information the client can view. The client accesses the EnsueTRAK™ platform from their computer or other mobile devices through the internet and can view the data from the GPS trackers or mobile devices. If setup, the EnsueTRAK™ platform will send alerts to the client via an email or SMS (premium service required). In addition to the EnsueTRAK™ platform the EnsueLIVETRAK™ platform streams live video from the asset or vehicle that has an EnsueLIVETRAK™ compatible device fitted to it.

Australian Dedicated Server

Australian based servers for better security & reliability. All Ensue’s platforms are based in Australia and are administered by us. The advantage of having the EnsueTRAK™ & the EnsueLIVETRAK™ platforms running locally is the reliability and the access speed is increase due to less travel of data between device and server.

Free Lifetime Support

Ensue provides lifetime support to all clients at all levels. Ever changing environments means clients need to be able to quickly add or change alert types from setting up Geo-Fencing and other alerts types, to setting up periodic reporting. The staff at Ensue are fully trained and ready to handle clients needs.

Extended History & Reporting

History data retention is very important for most clients. At Ensue we store user GPS data on the EnsueTRAK™ platform for 180 days on all our plans at no extra cost. Most other tracking platforms will only keep data for a maximum of 90 days and will charge extra to keep history data for more than that. So you get more for less.

Global Data SIM Card

Customers that register for a data SIM card plan will receive a global data SIM. That means you have access to over 500 networks in more than 200 countries around the world. So you are not limited to one service provider in Australia, the GPS device with the global data SIM card will access the Telstra, Optus or Vodafone networks.

Ensue is an Australian asset & personal global tracking solutions company which allows you to locate the whereabouts of any vehicle, asset or a person. We have designed EnsueTrak™ a premium tracking and management tool and EnsueLIVETRAK™ a premium remote live video viewing platform to ensure that your assets or loved ones are safe and secure. Once an EnsueTrak™ or EnsueLIVETRAK™ device has been installed to any automobile or device that needs to be monitored, you will have access to our online management tool. Even existing devices that you may have already installed in your vehicle can be setup to work on the EnsueTRAK™ platform. If your asset goes missing or you want to know the whereabouts of your vehicle or fleet of vehicles, you can view them on the EnsueTRAK™ platform.